Watch Collecting That Won’t Break The Bank

There is nothing more attractive than a good looking man who is wearing an eye catching watch on his arm from The right watch can bring out the best qualities in any man. What better gifts to give to that special man in your life than the gifts of sophistication, style, and confidence that only a good looking watch can bring to a man? You can start a watch collection that will rival the best of the best, and you can do it without breaking the bank. Take a look at a few of the affordable mens watch options that are available that will turn the heads of even the most avid collectors.

A Great Entry Level Dress Watch

mens watch9If you are looking for a mechanical watch that exudes sophistication, Orient has a nice selection of entry level watches. The brand is known for the movement of its timepieces, durable straps, and sturdy cases. Orient is also known for the quality of watches that it produces, and you can purchase one for as little as $235.

A Big Name at a Reasonable Price

Seiko is a name that stands alone in the world of watches, and no decent watch collection would be complete without a Seiko timepiece. The Seiko Sumo and the Seiko Monster are two styles that are favored by the new as well as the most seasoned collector. Both styles feature automatic movements and substantial cases. Although the suggested retail price for one of these great looking watches is $450, they can be found at a price that is much lower.

Something Modern and Unique

The Swatch Sistem51 mad its first debut, and has been a favorite among watch enthusiasts ever since. The Swatch Sistem51 pushes the boundaries in the mechanical watch world like no other watch manufacturer has been able to do before. The timepieces have a total of 51 parts, and robots meticulously assemble each one. Practicality, and fashion forward, a Swatch Sistem51 watch would be a great addition to any watch collection, and at the affordable price of $150.

As you can see, there are a host of options available that won’t break your budget to begin a mens watch collection for that special man in your life. Just take your time and think about your guy and his personality when selecting a watch for his collection under 1000.

Tips for selecting plumbers in Chicago


chicago plumber handling a contractChoosing plumbers can be difficult especially in the event of an emergency. Below are tips to help you select the right contractor. Find out if the plumbers in Chicago are licensed and bonded. Get in touch with the state or licensing agencies to confirm if they meet all their requirements. The process of licensing will test the knowledge of the contractor in plumbing work. Although these requirements do not give a guarantee of how plumbers will perform, it is an assurance that they are experienced. Ask to see their license number and this can also be verified. If they are reluctant to provide you with this information, you should keep looking for other contractors.

Insured Chicago Plumbers

In order to protect your investment, the professional should be insured. They should have a workers compensation and general liability insurance. This will not only protect your home, it will also minimize personal liability if an accident was to occur on the site of the work. Call their insurance company to inquire if the insurance is up to date and suitable for the kind of work being done on your premises.

Plumbing Contracts

Make sure that you are given a detailed list of how the work will be handled. The contract should be in a written form to ensure that you completely understand what you will be paying for and what you are going to get. In case you do not see something listed or you would like clarification or have something changed, communicate this to the contractor. Beware that some contractors can bid low and end up adding money later on.

Find out if they offer warranty or guarantee of the work performed. Insist on having a written warranty included in the contract. There are different types of warranties available by both the contractor and outside warranty companies. Take note that third party warranties are not going to be serviced by your specific contractor and it will likely come with an additional expense.